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Hang in there! – How to frame and hang your art properly in your home

13 | 09 | 2020

Redecorating, and hanging your art or pictures in frames can be a real mess sometimes! Before you start drilling holes in your walls, you have to feel confident! There are some things you need to pay attention, which we, as frame experts for over 30 years, know about!

Where to hang my art prints

Finding the perfect height for your framed pictures or artwork can be really hard and we usually see it placed uncomfortably high. We recommend keeping all your art at eye level. When you are about to hang your art over a sofa or headboard though, that height is not recommended. In that case keep a 10cm gap between the bottom of the frame and the piece of furniture. You can also lean some of your art and not hang it all, especially if the artworks’ size is larger than the usual ones. Another great and unexpected way to display a large piece of art is to crop it into halves and frame each half separately!

How to frame my art prints

A new frame and mount can give a treasured artwork a whole other perspective. Trends change over time, and sometimes older-style frames can make an artwork feel dated. By reframing you can completely transform the piece! The same applies to the mount. If the mount is the wrong colour it can really detract from the picture.
Your choice of frame, mount and glass should all work together to enhance the artwork.

How to hang my art prints

Hanging your art properly is really important. When you don’t hang your artworks or pictures correctly there is a risk of them falling and break. For solid walls you should drill a hole and use a wall plug and screw. Make sure the screw goes all the way into the plug until you can’t see the thread. This is so the thread doesn’t damage the string or cause it to wear down and the picture to eventually fall.

With literally thousands custom frames, done by hand in our workshop, using the highest quality materials, we ensure your pictures will get the attention they deserve! There is no way you will not be able to find what you need in our eshop, no matter your budget.

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