Why Is It On The Floor? article cover image

Why Is It On The Floor?

24 | 01 | 2021

If you have some artwork lying around the house that you just haven’t gotten around to hanging yet, we say, embrace it. These days, one of the freshest ways to arrange art isn’t on the wall, it’s on the floor. The unfussy approach is being adopted in everything from free-spirited bohemian abodes to opulent French interiors.

So set aside the hammer and nails — and just put everything on the floor. By creating depth, varying heights and employing a handful of other design principles, these stunning spaces make leaning artwork against the wall look effortless, intentional, and just plain cool.

Layer It Up
It’s a-okay to layer artwork on top of each other when continuing the look of the gallery wall above.

Invisible Shelf
Already have a shelf holding art? Line the floor below with art too, just as you would a second shelf.

Collage Composition
Pepper art all over the room, on the floors, credenza and wall, for a collage-style composition.

Layer a solid-color canvas behind a solid-color sofa for a color-blocked effect.