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Choosing the correct custom frame features

16 | 08 | 2020

A small Custom Frame Guide

Choosing the correct frame width

Very often we hear from our customers that they like the thinnest possible flat frame for their artwork. The “thinnest possible” varies on the size of the artwork you want to frame. The thinnest frame profile that is currently available for custom frames on our website is 12 mm. We suggest that you use this frame profile only on sizes up to 50 cm (the longest length).

For artwork sizes over 70 cm we recommend profiles of over 20 mm width. Keep in mind if you add matboard to your frame the matboard will enlarge your artwork.

With or without matboard?

Matboards have two different uses. First they are used to highlight colors and details of the framed piece and second they add protection by creating a space between the framed art and the glass or acrylic.

Avoid using matboard when you frame canvas.

Glass or Acrylic?

Acrylic is much safer and weighs much less than glass. While, acrylic, it is harder to break and when it breaks does not create sharp pieces, it is very easy to scratch. Also glass is much easier to clean than acrylic.


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