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The frames in our life

06 | 08 | 2019

Frames in home decor

The decoration of your home, your personal space, the shelter of your daily life you want to be ideal. The one you had imagined shortly before you put the key on the front door for the very first time.

You want it to be according to your needs, your taste and your culture. Even with a slight change, refreshing air comes into your home, one of these changes can be decorating your home with frames from Filotechno. You must have noticed that every time you add a favorite memory to a chic frame your space immediately gets warmer, is more personal. There is always room for a new frame, there are many ways you can decorate your space with frames. From placing your favorite photo, a map, a poster, your diploma, a painting or even your children’s drawings.

Choose Filotechno frames that fit your home, your style, and place in them your favorite moments, memories or art.

Memories in frames

Our favorite moments are captured in a photo. But to make this photo stand out, it also needs the right frame, the ideal frame to highlight it. One suggestion is to take many photos and place them in different frames with different sizes. These will perfectly cover your empty wall in the hallway of the house.
If you still don’t want to use different frames you can group them together in color or size.

Children’s drawings

The first drawings of the children instead of hanging them in the refrigerator can easily be placed in a simple frame. Even decorate your office with them. Putting the paintings in a place that is easily accessible will revive the moment of creation every time you see them.

Old maps

Another suggestion is to choose a vintage frame and place an old map in it. Or a handwritten map. You can place it in your bedroom or in your office.

Favorite items

Prefer multiple frames in different sizes but in the same style to fit your favorite items into them. One suggestion for the children’s room is to place your baby’s first things or even family heirlooms that will decorate the bedroom and why not your bathroom also.

A poster in picture frame

At Filotechno you will find frames in many original designs. There are many options to refresh your space. One economical solution is to add a poster inside a frame. This is a cheap way to transform a room. You can make the whole collection more interesting by adding movie posters or old advertisment posters.

Your diploma in a frame

You have earn your diploma and you should be proud and show it in your office room or inside your business. Choose the perfect frame from Filotechno to place your degree or diploma.

Paintings and art

Choosing a frame from Filotechno for a work of art will focus your attention on the art itself. You will form an autonomous set. At the same time a glass frame will protect a fragile artwork,
while the frame will highlights the art. It enhances its appearance and preserves it in time. Let the experts at Filotechno guide you for the correct frame selection.


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