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Picture frames in professional space

18 | 03 | 2020

Today’s competitive era requires every professional who wants to run a successful business to pay attention to all details and improve his company at all matters in order to increase sales. The world’s top marketing gurus focus on how important it is to provide at potential customers with a complete experience about the product. Building trust relationships, steadiness and uniqueness with each customer individually.

The first impression is made by your customer when he ll step into your business, whether it is your offices or a physical store, the first impression will play an important role in the confidence and attention he/she will show to you and in the progress of the sale.

In office

If you accept prospective clients to your office make sure you create a warm and functional space that will represent your aesthetics and personality while giving all the information you want to highlight about your experience and training. Display your diplomas and degrees using frames from Filotechno. Depending on the decoration of your office and also the cost of your product you should choose the appropriate frame. For those of you offering a more budget service or product, we would suggest simpler and more cost-effective frames, while for those offering more expensive services we suggest choosing the most impressive and elegant frames. Always have in mind when decorating your office, the customer receive all the first information about you and your business by the decor. Depending on the size of your company, you should also include artwork that expresses you, photos of your favorite moments in your personal and professional life, as well as photos that showcase your work and the course of the company over the years.

In shop or store

If you own a shop you very well know that the layout and decoration of your shop is half the sale. Depending on your field of expertise and products, create an attractive environment, aim to win a positive first impression of the customer. That way you ll increase the chance of a sale. By choosing frames and artworks from Filotechno you are able to create a working environment that represents you and to emphasize the information you believe your customer needs to know and will ultimately help you generate more sales. Communicate elegantly your competitive key aspects that differentiate you from competition by using photos or posters and credentials in combination with frames from Filotechno.

At filotechno you are able to use our “ask an expert” service to contact us and we will help you with specific suggestions to make the best choice for your business.


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