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Wedding stories need to be framed

29 | 07 | 2020

A forever memory. A must-have frame! For many,one of the the most important day in their lives, with the majority of women picturing this day since they were little girls! For others it’s just a social event. However, it is a day where we all dress up and show up to honor this special union of our friends or relatives. Gifts, beautiful faces, smiles, reunions and above all feelings. After all, this is the whole meaning in these occasions, which fortunately for us, are captured in our photographs. Moments and unique expressions that can be imprinted forever. Our team at Filotechno, with the variety of ready-made frames and our custom design online design tool and our overall love for photography and aesthetics, will help you lock your most beautiful and important moments, in the ideal frame.

At filotechno you are able to use our “ask an expert” service to contact us and we can advice you on the ideal wedding frames!

Wedding frames suggestion :

  • Side beige multi apparture photo frame

    Happily ever After

    31,95 33,95 
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  • Black frame with double matboard

    Special moments

    21,95 22,95 
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  • White frame with double matboard

    Like a Fairy Tale

    21,95 22,95 
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  • Silver carved frame with patina

    Silver carved frame with patina

    16,95 28,95 
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  • Silver leaf frame with carving

    Silver leaf frame with carving

    8,95 18,95 
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  • Silver minimal wooden frame front

    Wooden frame in silver metallic color

    7,95 15,95 
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